Jeff Benatti with a group of children.New Castle County Head Start, Inc. is committed to serving children with all types of disabilities including those with severe or significant disabilities. The program reserves a minimum of 10% of the funded enrollment spaces for children with disabilities. Head Start considers an inclusive classroom setting beneficial for all children.

New Castle County Head Start, Inc. collaborates with state and local agencies that serve children with disabilities to receive referrals and enroll students in the program. All children receive developmental screenings within the first 45 days of entrance into the program. The purpose of the screenings is to assess the current developmental status of each child. If a delay is suspected, Head Start refers the child for a full evaluation in collaboration with local education agencies. If a delay is identified in the full evaluation, Head Start staff works with the local school district to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Head Start teachers implement the IEP in planning individual instruction for each child on a daily basis. Teachers and parents attend regular IEP meetings to discuss the child’s progress.

New Castle County Head Start, Inc. values parents as an integral part of the education process and encourages parents to serve as advocates for their children's education. Head Start staff assists parents in transitioning children into the program and provides on-going training on special education laws, parents' rights and best practices.