Summer Program Announcement

Release Date: 
Thursday, June 29, 2017

Please take a few minutes to read through the important information provided.  There are some changes in the administrative staff assignment and we want to keep you abreast of all staffing information as it becomes available to us.



The Program Coordinator assignments for the 2017-18 program year are:

    Linda L. Marks    - Absalom Jones, Marshallton, Claymont

    Wendy Marsilii    - Manor Park, Early Head Start

    Jaquaya Thomas     - Bear, Rose Hill, Lambson


The Center Coordinator assignments for the 2017-18 program year are:

    Andrea Torres-Glover    - Absalom Jones

    Andrea Balback     - Marshallton

    Torriane Evans     - Lambson

    Ronda Thomas     - Claymont

    Robin Brown        - Manor Park

    Theresa Herfindahl    - Bear

    Eugenia Simmons     - Rose Hill

    Christina Sturgis    - Early Head Start 


Currently taking applications for the following positions:



Teacher Assistants    

Classroom Aide


If you have any questions regarding hours and locations you may contact the Administrative Office at 452-1500.


If any other positions become available during the summer they will be advertised in Career Builder and placed on the agency’s web site.  If you are interested in applying for any vacant position you must either fax a letter of intent to apply to 452-1509 or submit your resume to the administrative office asap. If you are referring people for vacant positions you can have them apply via the web site at  




Congratulations to all of the Head Start centers for achieving recertification of star level 5 in the State of Delaware’s Quality Rating and Improvement System. This means that all 7 of our centers have gone through this process twice and have all achieved star level 5 both times…7 for 7 (actually 14 for 14 I guess).  That’s outstanding!!! Everyone involved at those centers should be very proud of their work. Special thanks to Jaquaya and Jordon who played such an important role in preparing the centers for the stars process. 

In our continuing efforts to achieve excellence for children and families we did receive some feedback from the Stars reviewers and there are definitely things that we must look at more closely and improve. We will be reviewing those lessons learned with all classroom staff in the fall.  


The September in-service day is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12th. Details will be worked out over the summer and ready when you return to work. We do know it will be held at the Chase center. As a part of the agenda, the Program Coordinators, will be presenting the changes and modifications made to the program based on the new Head Start Performance Standards.  


Reminder: Center Coordinators and Family Advocates return to work on Monday, August 28, Teachers, Teacher Assistants, and Program Assistant on Tuesday, September 5, Classroom Aides and Kitchen Managers on Monday, September 11. 


The Lambson staff return to work: Center Coordinator on and Family Advocates on August 3rd, Teachers and Teacher Assistants on August 14th, Classroom Aides on August 21st


As we do every year over the summer, the agency will again be investing a significant amount of time and funds to assure all classrooms and centers have the supplies, equipment, and resources needed to operate the program at a high level. We look forward to continuing to grow regarding outcomes for children, CLASS scores, and especially family outcomes which will be the primary focus for continuous program improvement.  


The Family and Community Engagement services are being revised with the participation of several staff. The committee will be presenting changes to improve family services at the staff in-service in September. One key change is the establishment of a Family and Community Engagement Coach position which will be filled by Khristina Abbott. 


The program’s updated Strategic Plan, which a result of many hours of focusing on the strengths and areas of growth, by staff, volunteers, and governing bodies, has established the following focus areas as priorities:


  • Improvement of Family and Community Engagement services
  • Staff (being fully staffed, enhancing professional development opportunities, creating a coaching system for all classroom and FCE staff) 
  • ERSEA (fully enrolled with a waiting list, improved attendance, disabilities services)
  • Some others such as: improved security systems, male involvement, facilities improvements, expanded use of data for planning)


The program is also adding some new policies to both the staff and parent handbooks and, again, those will be shared with you in the fall. These new policies are designed to support the staff in their work with children and help to educate and inform parents about the program.


We will be entering year 3 of our 5 year grant. The primary focus for year 3 of this grant cycle is the reorganizing and improvement plans for the Family and Community Engagement system. This has been a priority for several years and now we have an excellent opportunity, with the performance standard changes and the new duration grant support, to really make the necessary changes in the program to raise the quality of family services. 


We fully expect, after several years of not having any federal reviews, that our program will be reviewed, perhaps more than once, this upcoming year. If we receive any information about federal program reviews we will communicate that to all staff asap. 




Periodic health examinations are required for employees. Staff should follow the schedule set by the medical insurance company with which New Castle County Head Start, Inc. has contracted for its employee’s coverage.


“PRIMARY CARE AND PREVENTIVE SERVICES” under the section “PERIODIC PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS”).  It is IMPORTANT that you check which age range you are in and if you are entitled to a physical examination you should schedule it prior to returning to work in the fall.  For example, if you are between the ages of: 

  • 18-39 you need a physical examination every 3 years
  • 40 and older you need one every 2 years



DO NOT WAIT FOR US TO INFORM YOU OF YOUR LAST PHYSICAL.  As a professional in the field of working with young children, it is your individual responsibility to maintain required standards.  If you are not sure of your last physical you should contact your doctor or you can call the Administrative Office at 452-1500 to see what has been recorded as your most recent physical in our files.


All employees should use the Office of Child Care Licensing State Physical form and send a copy to the Human Resource Generalist. Copies of the form are available on the Child Care Licensing web site or at our Administrative Office. 


Administration of Medication

Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Family Advocates, and Center Coordinators who were recently hired and/or for any reason have not completed this requirement for employment must call 

892-5800 to obtain a study book and arrange a date to take the examination.  This process, including taking the test, must be completed prior to returning to work.


If you are unable to enroll in a class over the summer, you should register for the next available class and submit proof of the registration at the beginning of the program year.

You will be asked to pay a small fee for the course.  Please submit the receipt, along with your certificate, to your Center Coordinator and he/she will reimburse you.



Staff Credentials and Training

Any Teacher Assistant needing to renew their CDA credential MUST know their due date and have the process completed on time. Failure to keep this credential updated will result in termination of your position. The program must have qualified individuals in these positions at all times.


Everyone should be aware of the required annual training hours for their positions. It is everyone’s individual responsibility to assure that they have the hours required by state licensing. Do not expect the program to provide you with the hours you need. This is your professional responsibility. If you have any questions about how many hours you need and the due date you can contact a Program Coordinator over the summer. 


REMINDER: Center Coordinators must have their CLASS reliability testing completed by August 1st.  



Teaching Strategies is upgrading their Gold interface design to MyTeachingStrategies starting on July 15th. Free training for this upgrade is being offered through the DIEEC on July 18th, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., August 3rd and August 19th, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and September 13th, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The training is for current Gold users only. User names and passwords remain the same. If you have any questions contact Jordon Comerford. 


The summer program is running well. The staff are doing a great job providing a fun, well balanced program for the children. If anyone is interested in doing some substitute work in the program it is not too late to ask. Contact a Program Coordinator if you’re interested. 



I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I want to congratulate everyone who was recognized at the agency end of the year luncheon and thank everyone for all that you do to improve the lives of our Head Start children and families. I hope to see twice as many classrooms receiving recognition for outstanding CLASS scores at next year’s luncheon. 


If anyone has questions about anything shared here please contact the Adminstrative Office.