NCCHS Administrative Staff members are (from left to right) Jaquaya Thomas, Program Coordinator; Eileen Moye, Human Resources Generalist; Mabel Roberts-Cole, Fiscal Assistant; Linda L Marks, Program Coordinator; Wendy Marsilii, Program Coordinator; Debra Drueding, Controller; Jeffrey Benatti, Executive Director; Jordon Comerford, Classroom QA Coach; Cathy Rule, Administrative Assistant - (Projects & Support); Melissa Langshaw, Administrative Assistant; Janelle Roberts, Senior Accountant; Andrea Reynolds, Accounting Assistant; Lisa Schneider, Program Assistant; and Khristina Abbott, Family & Community Engagement Coach.


NCCHS Center Coordinators are (from left to right) Torriane Evans, Lambson; Andrea Glover-Torres, Absalom Jones; Andrea Balback, Marshallton; Eugenia Simmons, Rose Hill; Theresa Herfindahl, Bear; Robin Brown, Manor Park; 
Christina Sturgis, Early Head Start; and Ronda Thomas, Claymont.

Direct Service Staff:

  • 29 Center Teachers
  • 29 Teacher Assistants
  • 35 Classroom Aides
  • 13 Family Advocates
  • 5 Kitchen Managers
  • 4 Early Head Start Teacher Home Visitors